9 Stages of Meditation

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    9 Stages of Meditation

    PLACING THE OBJECT IN YOUR MIND  is the first of the 9 stages of meditation- You have learned the instructions, and are on the road at last.

  2. BRINGING THE MIND BACK – Your monkey mind at this point keeps forgetting what it is doing, and you spend more time off the object then on it.
  3. BRIDGING THE GAPS – Your mind now stays mostly on its object, with only brief patches where it wanders.
  4. HOLDING TIGHT – Here your mind stays on the object without wandering at all.
  5. DISCIPLINE – You win the battle against agitation!
  6. GETTING QUIET/QUIETING DOWN – You conquer mental dullness!
  7. COMPLETELY CALM –  Now you have control over the subtlest forms of dullness or agitation.
  8. SINGLE POINTED – Just a tiny bit of effort, and your there.
  9. PERFECT BALANCE – Effortless, like breathing.
(By Lame Christie McNally *The Tibetan Book of Meditation*) 9 Stages of Meditation

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