Ceremonies Healing Circles

Ceremonies/Healing Circles

Online Workshops will be Available Soon at 
MotherLand Nurture Thy Self Healing Circle
at  238 Barrie St. Thornton, ON
All Participants are automatically entered for a chance to win a 15ml bottle of Orange Essential Oil & a 15ml bottle of Cedarwood Essential Oil
This Healing Circle encourages community, support and positive intention.  We will move through a series of practices that will help you release any negative emotions like anger, stress, anxious feelings or sadness in positive loving ways, and promote healing from the root cause of the emotions.  Using practices such as Reiki, Sound Healing, Chakra Clearing, Essential Oil applications and Journaling.
The negative emotions we feel are a natural part of being human.  The trouble is when a lot of us feel these painful emotions we turn to sugar, fast food, processed snacks, smoking, alcohol, medication and other substances to mask our emotions and stuff them down, because we don’t want to feel what they are trying to tell us and teach us about ourselves.   When we stuff down our emotions in this negative way we are actually creating our own illnesses, physical pain, disease and disorders both physical and emotional.
In this 2 hour Healing Circle Rodina will guide you through these positive grounding techniques that you can also do at home when you feel these negative emotions come up.  Rodina’s goal is to help you exchange any negative habits for positive ones so you can begin to learn from your emotions, face them and promote overall healing within your body.
*Space is limited Pre-registration & Pre-payment Required
Private Healing Circle House Parties are Available upon Request
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Full Moon Ceremonies image, has a beautiful women on her needs in front of a very large full moon.
Full Moon Ceremonies

Full Moon Ceremonies

Awaken the Moon Goddess
Within You!
Release what Holds you Back
and Let Your 
Moon Light Shine!
The Moon is connected to us like a living being radiating her Wisdom, Creativity, Inspiration & Strength upon us. As we honour her she will honour us! She is the closest part of the Cosmos to our Mother Earth & we absorb her energy vibrations as she goes through each of her cycles.
The Moon represents the Shadow side’s of ourselves/The Darker side’s of ourselves. The more we take time to connect with and honour the Moon, the more she will help us to heal the Shadow sides of ourselves and turn the Darkness that stirs within us, into Luminous Light!
The Full Moon is a time where Grandmother Moon can help you release that which no longer serves your higher power, to release anything you no longer need in your life, or a part of yourself you have outgrown. Then give you the Wisdom you need, to take the steps you must take to aquire balance, healing and joy in your life.
Upcoming Dates to Be Announced!
Private Full Moon Ceremony House Parties are Available upon Request
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