Forgiveness will set you FREE

Forgiveness will set you FREE image with the word forgive on it.
Forgiveness will set you FREE

Forgiveness will set you FREE – Here I am on my journey, more fears conquered and I have come to another step into awakening.  Just like the season I have bloomed into fruition, I am vibrant and sweet, I am grounded and strong.  The sun and the rain support my essence, I am one with the universe.

The force flows through me with ease and I accept, allow, forgive and love.  There’s so much beyond us, beyond the clouds, the sky, even space, our galaxy and the many other galaxies that exist.  When you close your eyes you have the ability to feel what is beyond us, when you close your eyes you have the ability to envision your future.  Are you skeptical?  Are you afraid?  Let go and learn to fly, free yourself from the very meaning of what you think you know.  The heart will show you, listen and you will be set free.  Deny and you will never see.
Let yourself sparkle in the sun as I do now, bask in it’s radiance.  Shine brighter then ever before that’s what your life is for.  The door is in front of you, you just have to open it!  Open the door to the place you want to go.  This power is within you, this is the power of free will and freedom of choice.  Feel in your heart what it is you want, forgive the seeds from the past that cause you pain and you will learn to live again.
When you forgive, it is in this forgiveness that you will be set free.  First forgiving others for they know not what they do, they only know what they have learned.  Then forgive yourself for putting yourself down, for not accepting yourself as you are.  You are a shining star, though it may take many years to get to you, one day you will get there, one day you will see peace, love, freedom and bliss forever; but not with your eyes will you see, you will see this with your heart.
Forgiveness is the lock and love is the key, but only you have the power to set yourself free.  Heal your body by expanding your mind and you’ll be surprised what you will find.  The place of heaven lies within, release your sins and learn from them.
I share with you my knowledge that has helped me save my life.  I am now grateful for all the pain and bad experiences I have gone through, for they have been a stepping stone that has lead me to greater wisdom, happiness, love, and freedom.  I am now fulfilling all the dreams that I once only imagined in my mind.  My gift to you is this knowledge to heal yourself, so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted, and please remember Forgiveness will set you FREE.
 With Love,

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