Get your Groove on and Dance Yourself Happy

Fitness doesn’t have to be about looking good to feel good, it should really be about what makes you feel good makes you look good.  When you feel good inside your true self shines onto others, you will attract other people that also feel good to you, and because you feel good you are confident and happy.
There’s a new style of fitness that is sweeping the world and Groover by Groover making it a better and happier place.  This new style of fitness is called The Groove Method  and has now landed in Fort St. John.  Groove is a dance style of fitness that has limited emphasis on choreography giving each participant the possibilities to move their body in their own creative and unique way.  When you allow yourself to move your body to the way the music makes you feel it allows your spirit to glow with love, confidence and happiness enabling you to tap into the force that makes you who you are.  Not only do you feel amazing and free while you dance, your getting a full cardio workout, improving strength, balance, co-ordination and your moving your body functionally and creatively.
Groove classes are being facilitated by myself Rodina Patrick and will be free for participants 10-18 years old with the accompaniment of a paying participant 19 or older.  My goal is to get the kids, teens and families active, having fun and being creative with their minds and bodies, so that we can connect with ourselves and each other to keep our bodies and minds positive and healthy.

By Rodina Patrick

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