Hobbies for Health

Hobbies do more for our bodies then we think.  When you find a hobby that you enjoy doing not only will you keep the mind busy and in the present moment, it enables the brain to keep learning, it makes you happier overall, reduces stress and the risk of depression and dementia.  The list of benefits continues to include:  lowering blood pressure, delaying the onset of alzheimer’s, improves focus, concentration and creativity, and can help with overcoming addictions by keeping you in the present moment.  The more our minds and bodies live in the present moment the less we think about those addictive habits.  When overcoming an addiction the best and natural way to do so is by exchanging one habit for another, and finding a hobby that you enjoy and love doing is an excellent healthy way to do so.

The latest studies show that when we learn new things, we develop new and positive pathways in our brain.  When we learn new skills and stay in touch with our creativity we keep the brain young which also helps to keep the body young.

How do I know what kind of hobby to explore?  The best way to find a hobby that suits you specifically is to explore the activities that you enjoy doing, make you happy, that your good at yet have room to excel in, or something you used to do as a child that you enjoyed and want to bring back into your life.

Activities to get into include:  quilting, knitting, gardening, building toys, wood working, performing, art, music, writing, dancing, games, puzzles, pets, any kind of exercise, being in nature, something that makes you laugh and so much more.  The list is literally endless as to what you can do for a hobby in your spare time.

Not only do hobbies help us overcome and or prevent addictions and other ailments by keeping us in the present moment, they actually keep us in a state of happiness more often.  The more time we spend worrying about the past or wishing we had the future, it affects our subconscious and also our muscles, organs and cells in a negative way.  This way of thinking implies we don’t want what we’ve got right now, which creates inner conflict and reduces the quality of your life substantially.

Do yourself a favour and spend some quality time with yourself.  Try something you’ve always wanted to try, or get back into something you’ve put to the side.  It’s so imperative to our state of health and well being that we take time for ourselves no matter how busy our lives seem to get.  When you make the time for yourself it gives you the ability to greet the world with happiness and show off the true potential of your being.  When you feel good and you feel happy, this happiness rubs off onto others.  So really by taking at least an hour a week to make yourself happy your actually making the world a better place by sharing your happiness with others one person at a time.

With love,
Rodina Patrick

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