Personal Yoga Sessions

Personal Yoga Sessions In Your Home or Desired Location
Personal Yoga Sessions pose.
Personal Yoga Sessions
Personal Yoga Sessions. In Rodina’s journey with her 14 years of Yoga Practice along with 10 years of teaching experience, Rodina has decided to shift her classroom teaching atmosphere into a personalized setting.  
She has decided to do this because of her own healing experiences the practice of yoga has brought to her life.  
Rodina wishes to help others discover their healing power within themselves by working very closely with the Chakra System in her Personal Yoga Sessions. 
Healing starts from the inside out, from the thoughts we think, the past we haven’t forgotten, the amount of exercise we do, the food and beverages we eat and drink, the people we attract in our lives, and the amount of stress we are subjected to.
With the practice of Yoga, Visualization exercises, Positive Affirmation Work, Breath Work, Cleansing the Chakra System and Reiki.  With dedication to your practice Rodina can provide you with the tools you need to live a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle.
Rodina has used all of these techniques to help her heal herself from Anxiety, Depression, her Struggle with Eating Disorders, and her physical injuries from a Car Accident.  
She can help you set up a program that is specific to your personal needs and amount of time you can set aside for yourself.  She can also give you nutritional tips and guidance to create a well rounded program that involves looking your absolute best, feeling confident, living in happiness and dealing with life’s stresses in positive ways.
Book your appointment Now and embrace all the happiness, healing and life fulfillment you are meant to have in the GIFT we call LIFE!
1.5 hour Session $75.00
Invite your friends and make it a Private Group Session