Positive = Healthy

You create the path that you walk everyday and it all starts in your mind with the thoughts you think.  If you really take the time to go into your mind and notice the thoughts that flow in and out of your mind, you will be very surprised what you hear yourself say everyday.  Whether your looking in the mirror, driving your vehicle, when it’s raining out, when you step on the scale or finish eating a piece of cake.  The thoughts will flow either in a positive direction or a negative direction, and in most cases 9 times out of 10 they will start flowing in a negative direction.
When you look in the mirror do you notice what you like about yourself?  Most of us notice our flaws and when we notice our flaws and zero in on our flaws, the thoughts start telling you “I’m so ugly”, “my nose is so big”, “I wish I had whiter/straighter teeth”, “your so fat no one will ever want to be with you”, and the list goes on.  When you think this way about yourself it actually changes the neural pathways in your brain and you begin to believe it.  This will manifest into either an eating disorder, low self-confidence, depression, anxiety, fear of trying new things, acne and eventually disease.
When you are driving are you rushing?  Are you fully paying attention?  Are you curtious to other drivers?  Most of the time the answers to these questions are 1. yes, 2. no (not fully), 3. No.  When you rush you actually manifest being late.  Do you ever notice when your rushing you get all the red lights or can’t find a parking spot?  I know in the past I have and this is not a coincidence.  This happens because our mind starts thinking negatively, you begin to develop a fear or adrenaline like feeling in your chest, and if someone cuts you off or slows you down you start swearing at them in your head or even out loud.  Your negative thoughts actually manifest you into becoming more late, cause an accident, bring on stress, depression and eventually disease.
If someone told you the thoughts that you think everyday are a choice that you choose to make and its what you think that causes the feelings and emotions in your body would you make the choice to change?  If you are one of those people that are frequently depressed, are anxious, live in fear of trying new things, have an illness whether mild or severe, or get sick a lot; if you made the choice to think more positive thoughts about yourself, others and the world you can actually begin the healing process within your body and change your life forever.
The body is designed to heal itself, and this healing starts in your mind by noticing your thoughts and choosing to think positively.  When you look in the mirror notice what you like about yourself, tell yourself “I love you”, “I am perfect just the way I am”.  If it is medically known that eating disorders develop through repetitive negative affirmations then it can only be true that if you reverse these affirmations to positive you can begin to truly learn to love yourself.  It is in this self love that you may create the life you’ve always wanted, and what most of us truly want is to be happy.
This process is true for everything you do in your everyday life.  When you love yourself you choose to make the right decisions to take care of yourself by thinking positively, eating treats in moderation (allowing yourself to enjoy these treats when you do indulge and refrain from guilt after the fact) and exercising to prevent injuries/ailments, keeping your body strong as you age.  Love for yourself will allow the universe to flow through you with ease which in turn will manifest into excellent health, a strong immune system enabling your body to fight off disease faster and more efficiently, you will attract to you people who also love themselves and all the dreams of your life will manifest into reality when the time is right.
If this is the life you want to live, the power lies within you, you just have to change the way you think.  Only you can set yourself free, you just have to believe.
With Love,
Rodina Patrick

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